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The Who, What and Why Of A Remarkable [Renovated] Website

Hi there- Are you wondering why your website is not giving you the traffic that you need?


Probably your site is boring...

Maybe it's not in sync with your theme and purpose...

Or maybe there's just something wrong somewhere.

Truth is there are times when everything just feels wrongly placed and it keeps you from building up your business profitably.  

If you look at your online business right now, your website is where you've invested most of your money into. This is your most expensive expense at the moment, right? But are you maximizing the strenght of your webiste to promote your business?

Maybe not. 

Why? Because of the other shining objects around you that you feel can quickly propel your business to success, when the fact is, you're totally ignoring the best tool that can help you reach your revenue goal in no time. 

Your website and all its content.

Your website is just not a domain name, it represents you and your brand.  If this powerful tool is utilized properly, this could be the sole marketing arm that can represent you to your audience.

This is your voice in the online world. 


Based on your own site assessment you need  to check these 5 important factors in order to redesign your website the proper way. 

Here are the Who, What and Why of reconstructing your awesome site. 

Let's begin.

1. WHO is the target of your website?

The crucial question in the evaluation of your website is this:

Who are you specifically writing for?

Does your blog and writing aimed at a particular person that you want to get affected by what you're talking about?

Well if not,

One by one, blog by blog, and through each of your offerings,  you need to change your site's general tone if it's not directed to that one person that you're specifically writing for. This way you'll be able to redesign the elements of your website by adjusting e.g. your header, opt-in, blogposts, keywords and even your graphics to something that can attract your target audience. 

Your website must only contain relevant information that answers the pain points of who you are writing for.

Now - 

Answer these questions truthfully:

1. Your Headline - does it contain searchable keywords that answers your customer's questions?

Check this free headline analyzer

2. Your Blogsposts - does it have the proper form that gives value?

3. The opt-in - is it relevant?

4. The Graphics - when your customers see your photos, are they attracted to it? Is it appropriately matched?

Check out these amazing free photos:

Pixabay/ Unsplash

5. The site's theme - does your blogposts, headline, opt-in, font, color and photos create synergy that your audience will feel in the first 6 seconds of their visit to your site?

Pick out beautiful brand colors from this theme color pallettes


What I normally do after picking my own theme brand color is I'll open a notepad and just put in the details there and save.

Then I'll copy paste all of these on the WordPress color pallette as my Favorite so I can reuse them over and over again on my website. 

See sample below:

theme colors2

2. WHAT specific persona does your customer have?

Try to give some time looking deeply to your current customers - and because I know that you want more like them, then try to get more details of your customer demographics and psychographics. 

At the end of the day, you truly must know - how your potential customers act, think, react and buy, you'll be able to craft a better message to them and finally reconstruct your website and blog in order to reach them.

Examples of Demographics:

  • Location - Be specific, target local areas first. 
  • Married / Unmarried
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Household Income
  • Children / Ages of children
  • Educational Attainment
  • Job
  • Religion

Examples of Psychographics:

  • What are their hobbies?
  • Current jobs
  • Are they busy or have more free time?
  • When they're buying what's more important to them- price or convenience?
  • Are they knowledgeable about your business?
  • How do they see your home business?
  • What specifics do they want to know about your business?
  • What's their purchase style when buying a product or service? Do they splurge or thing first before buying?
  • Do they look around for other mentors before considering your product / service?
  • How do they learn about your product / service?
  • What's their online presence all about?
  • What is their Biggest Problem that YOU can help solve?

3. WHAT Is The Purpose Of Your Website?

As a side hustler that utilizes the website as it's main traffic generator, you should realize that your intention must be specific. 

The reality today is that hundreds of thousands of sad, ineffective sites are out there, but they have no real sense of purpose.

Start rediscovering WHAT you want your site do for you and you'll be well on your way to the right direction. 

Here are some of the common reasons why you're building a website:

  • To generate leads.
  • To show your brand and personality. 
  • To showcase your skill [much like a portfolio].
  • To complete a sales transaction and use the website as a check out for payment. 
  • To showcase and sell your product.
  • To offer your services.
  • Or to showcase your products and services.
  • To give information. 
  • To be used in new broadcasting. 

There's probably a lot more, 

but don't waste your money buying a domain and setting up your website and blog without knowing WHAT's the purpose of your creation. 

Discover how you can turn your website around in helping you build your relationship with your target customers. 

Start with a purpose. 

4. HOW Will Your Market Utilize The Website?

After giving some thought on WHAT you want your reconstructed or new website to do, and you've also learned about the demographics and psychographics of your target market, the next plan is geared towards knowing how your audience will be using a website for. 

If part of your plan is to use your website as a marketing tool, you might as well see if your market really needs to view a website. 

In some cases, there's really no need for your customers to view your site.  This is so true in customers that rarely use the internet nor go to any website in solving what they want. different people will use the website in different ways for different products.

Let's study this to see HOW your market will utilize the website:

Average Customer

Pain Point...

What will do with a Website visit...

30-35 year old stay at home mom / wife
​Needs a homebased job/not techie/no knowledge on how to start a side hustle
look for homebased opportunities
search for easy to learn jobs for busy moms
learn about any choices or options she has
40-45 year old working dad / husband that wants to retire
Needs a homebased job//no knowledge on what type of a side hustle would fit him
learn available options
look for webinars to attend [free or paid] on how to start a side hustle
check out ways on how to work at home while working
A 35-40 year old business owner
A new website
learn how to create a website. 
learn how to blog
learn how to sell a product
find out how much is the cost to start a site. 
attend webinars
get some business advice


It's always important to study if your target audience really needs to go to your site before you even build one. 

But once you realized the persona of your target audience, then start reconstructing your site the proper way. 

5. What Does Your Target Audience Wants To Achieve?

Bear in mind that your customers want to solve a pain point when they view your site or blog. And the only thing that your site MUST do is to give a SPECIFIC answer in order to solve it. 

Your success will lie on how quick and effective the content of your site can complete this task for your customers. 

I think this is the most important part of this exercise after knowing #4.

By spending a lot of your time on this will help you reconstruct your site in a way that every headline, blogpost, opt-in and graphic can easily respond to what your audience wants to achieve. 

Now, coming up with your customers "pain point list" is very challenging, so to help you get started, here’s an example:

Your Website Customers Want to ...

... they DON’T want to ...

  • Learn more about your working at home 
  • Find out how much they will spend in starting a home business
  • Learn how to create a site
  • Learn how to blog
  • Understand how the process works
  • See how you can solve their problem
  • Who to talk if they want guidance
  • Have their specific questions answered
  • Have their specific objections overcome
  • See pictures of the product and services
  • waste time on seeing unrelated videos
  • unrelated blogposts
  • reading about your mission in life 
  • reading the same old "blah blah blah" stuff that everyone already has
  • seeing unrelated photos
  • waste money on tricky paid webinars that gives nothing 

As you enumerate WHAT your customers want to achieve - try to rank them in order of importance.  Why so? So you can start reconstructing your site and work on your priorities. 

This way, you can immediately start working on your blogposts, opt-ins and freebies in an organized and targetted manner. 

6. Why Do You Need To Do A Website Reconstruction?

Perhaps after knowing "The Who, What and Why Of A Reconstructed Website" you will now realize that your website remains to be the most powerful tool that you have in your possession.

You paid for it, right? 

This serves as your silent marketer that works 24 hours without fail. If you will shun its use, you might as well just sell your site to have your money back.

But if you're passionate about your side hustle online, then now is the time to go back to your site and re-assess.  

Then start reconstructing. 


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