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Social Media Design Size Guide


Still the largest of the social networks, you might use Facebook in a variety of ways. From getting in touch with friends and family, to finding a long-lost classmate, to reaching new customers for your business. You might even mobilize a movement by creating an event. However, you’ll need to create compelling and visual pages, posts and ads in order to stand out. So, it’s important to know exactly what elements you can customize or upload on Facebook and what are the best dimensions to use.

Google +

While Google Plus is nowhere near Facebook’s active followers, it’s still a social platform that has its benefits, especially for businesses. Great for photo sharing, Google Plus Local helps to highlight businesses and their locations more effectively, and Google Plus pages are considered as regular websites on Google search which is great for a business’ search engine ranking. And, since your Google Plus pages can come up in Google’s search results, it’s good to have all your content, especially your profile images, headers and posts, perfectly sized for the platform.

google +


In an already visual world, Instagram stands out among other social networks as a simple but effective way to share photos and videos, from #nofilter selfies to branded content. Instagram allows you to post square, portrait, and landscape oriented images and videos. And, on such a visual platform, high-quality, appropriately sized images are important and can help your feed stand out from the rest.

social media guide for instagram


As a social platform, LinkedIn is most used by professionals to grow their professional network and find career opportunities. Likewise, companies use LinkedIn to find and connect with professionals and even other businesses within their industry in order to share content about their organization. Your LinkedIn page could be the beginning of a potential employer’s or employee’s assessment of you. Skills and credentials are definitely most important, but it wouldn’t hurt to impress with visuals that are up to scratch. It’s also important to note that LinkedIn requires different dimensions for personal profiles and for business or company pages.


Users flock to Pinterest to find and share inspiration for a wide variety of topics such fashion, design, food and events. It’s as simple as typing in search queries and discovering images to “pin” and collect as a Pinterest “board” specific to that theme or subject. As a social platform, Pinterest is primarily a visual one, so it’s important that the images you use for your profile and for your posts are of the best possible quality.


While Twitter might ask its users to limit their character counts to 280, this social platform is still very popular, garnering 330 million monthly active users. Businesses, in particular, find it a useful communication and customer service tool thanks to its real-time interaction. And while most might not immediately think of it as a visual platform, Twitter does allow its users to post and share images on their feed and for their profiles.

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