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Know The 4 Proven Content Types That Can Attract Readers To Your Blogposts [Guide For Newbies]

Now, you're probably thinking of the right content for your blog posts. There's really no other way to get more views and attract more audience but by creating valuable content that drives traffc to your blog. 

If you try to search around,  the blog feeds are sooo full of these types of surveys these days,

1.   Infographics
2.  Whitepapers
3.  Data research
4.  Webinars
5.  Videos

Whew!! Mind-boggling.

Don't worry, as a newbie you're not supposed to know of all these types of contents yet - but later you will.  

Do you know what the glaring truth is? What I'm gonna give you don't belong on the list above. But know what? Most bloggers, famous and what not still create posts -  ONLY around these 4 types of content ideas.

So what you need to do is focus on these types of content below every time you create a blog post and you'll surely attract your target audience the way you never imagined. 

Read on....

#1.  "How-to" Post​​​​s

You will never go wrong with how-to posts. Aside from the fact that it's easy to create, they are the top blog posts for almost all social media channels around the world.

The perfect blog length of a how-to post is up to 1,500. The meatier and detailed the idea or topic, the better traffic it will get.

When creating a how-to guide, start with a focus topic in mind. Two or three topics would suffice or else you might go beyond the normal 1,500 words once you go into details.   

Here's a guide on how to write How-To Posts:

1.   Present the introduction of the problem.
2.   Craft the introduction of the solution. 
3.   Line-up the steps needed to implement the solution.
4.   Make a summary of everything that was presented.
5.   Conclusion. 

Note that using pictures, videos, texts and diagrams to explain the solution in a clear, concise manner could help boost your content. 

Here are some samples of a how-to type of content:
> How to lose weight fast
> How to DIY Wedding Invitations
> How to teach a dog in 6 days

#2.  Listicles

"List" types of contents have always been an attention grabber, mainly because customers can easily get the summary of what to expect inside. It's normally a direct to the point presentation of a focus topic and these attract more clicks. 

Image result for List post

For example:
1.  Simple Ways To Start A Blog vs. 10 Simple Ways To Start a Blog
2.  Write Your Content Effectively vs. 5 Effective Ways To Write Your Content. 

When creating List type of content, it doesn't necessarily mean that "more" is better.  At the end of the day, for as long as the listicles are well researched and will add value to your readers, then this type will surely draw  attention. 

Here are some other samples of a listicle type of content:
> 8 Easy Magic Tricks For You To Show Off At Parites - Lifehack
> 100+ Alternative Ways to Say "I Love You!" | PairedLife
> 20 Amazing Honey Bee Facts! - Pioneer Thinking

#3.  A  Personal  Experience Post

Nothing beats a content that is based on facts especially if it is a personal experience of the author. 

Popular bloggers and content marketers leverage on the success stories of people or themselves in order to attract readers. This aims to either sympathize with them or to follow a particular journey of a person from the past up to a certain point in their lives.

Everyone in the blogosphere world is entitled to share their dreams, passion, failures and most especially successes. It is used time and time again in order to gain traction in terms of audience reach. 

These kinds of posts may be essentially close to how-to posts, in a more personal way. Giving your reader a tour and allowing them to walk with you in the process. These make them the feel like you are giving them access to something private and that you are 100% honest with them.

As a newbie, you can start a diary of your own life story today. Who knows? One of these stories might go viral and catapult you to an instant online success. 

Here is an example of a Personal Experience type of content:
> The Iconic Google AdSense Check and My 10 Year Journey After

#4.  Tips & Strategies Posts

Information can be found almost everywhere in the internet marketing world. I am certain that if you want to know a thing or two you can never go wrong if you'd simply utilize the ever dependable Google Search Engine

But for people that are looking for the specifics, they want a collated information that they can digest in one sitting without having difficulty in getting bits and pieces of the information that they are searching for. 

Now as a blogger that has a niche and a focus topic, your aim is for your readers to get all these from your site or blog posts. 

And there's no better way to do it than give them a full load of tips and strategies making your blog mesmerize every reader that land on it with the hope that they will go back for more. 

Here are some samples of a Tips & Strategies type of content:
> Home design hints and tips - Building Guide 
> 15 Basic Drawing Techniques for Beginners - DIYS.com
> Overhead Projector Techniques | Your Business

Blogging can make up the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy (I actually recommend this), as you grow your business you will know more about other types of content that you can utilize to increase traffic, generate leads, and drive sales. 

A diverse content marketing strategy will always be best. This will help you to get the long-term, sustainable, and significant results out of your campaigns. Content marketing is a still the future of online marketing - it's a big-time deal and a financial investment. 

Having said this, you have to make sure that you continually increase your audience reach through a value-packed content,   after all—you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

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