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How To Write An Awesome ABOUT ME Page

Did you recently start a blog so you can start making money?

You’ve been following some awesome blogs and have learned some proven ways to make money blogging. Now, you want to try it.

But, just a sec!

A huge prerequisite to making money blogging is trust.

Your audience needs to trust you. When they trust you, they listen to what you have to say and what you recommend to them.

And, do you know an easy way to start building trust with your audience?

With an About Me Page!

 Now, I’ll walk you through some tricks in creating an awesome About me page.

There are a lot of About Me Pages on the internet that you can copy or follow.

At times, family photos and stories about their life make me feel closer to them although I don't really know them. 

This is how an About Me Page should make you feel. 

And to be more personal, you can start by telling your readers your name first. 

Hi! I'm Mel

If you do this, your new readers will remember your name more readily than your blog name over time except when your blog name is your actual name - just like me.


And many bloggers own several blogs, so knowing the name of a new blogger you’re learning about is important.

You Have A Story To Tell

It's important to know that you have a story that you want to share with your audience. This could make you more relatable and human. 

Since we are in this online business and branding is important,  you have to let your audience get a heap of what's going on about you and your business. 

And if you’re brand new to blogging, you can share your story from the beginning. 

Your life story and your journey will keep your audience interested with you more. 

Just keep it to the point.

Connect With Your Audience

The way you tell you story needs to be conversational. 

It must show sincerity in your blog's voice so you can make your audience feel at ease with how they relate to you. 

This is why it's really very important for you to go back to understanding your target audience, because every article and every design on your blog or site must be like talking to someone that you already know very well. 

You need to establish credibility as a business person and at the same time show the personal side of you.

What's The Purpose Of Your Blog and Site?

In your About Me Page, you can define your purpose.

As a blogger, you must figure out what you want your readers to know by sharing your thoughts and dreams. 

It is quite significant for your About Me Page to share how you want to help your readers.

It must be made clear why you want to connect with them. 

There’s a Call-to-Action

When you started conceptualizing your blog or site, you already know your end goal.

It includes building a relationship with your readers in the hope that you can profit by sharing what you know.  

Now, your About Me Page is that single copy that must contain what you want your readers to do.

Also, you can create an opt-in page inside the About ME page which shows that you're sincere in wanting to ease their problems. 

However, if you still don't have anything to offer, create a bait that could leave your audience wanting for more. 

For example, 

Tell them to check out your site everyday because you're coming out [with a product] soon. 

Or you can directly connect them to your social media platforms so they can get to know you better. 


The audience wants to get to know the blogger, not the blog.

YOU are your BRAND. 

And you can showcase this on this one important page on your site. 

Remember that in your side hustling business, credibility is key. And letting your audience know about the person behind the blog will truly  matter especially if your end goal is to grow and be profitable in your side hustling business. 

At the end of the day, it's still about connection and building relationships. 

Melanie Ramos

A working MOM that's hoping to fund a dream. Found the courage to build a profitable side hustle and wishes to share her skills with passionate side hustlers like her. Coffee addict. Workaholic. Blogger. Marketer & Mentor.