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How To Craft Freebies That Convert

Yes, you need freebies to convert your readers to buyers.

It's great to share free content and help your readers learn from your discoveries but if you are not going to make a profit out of your efforts blog then your side hustle won't last long.

Creating a thriving online business is based on the traffic that you can create using these opt-in offers while converting these collected leads to a buying traffic is the ultimate goal. 

But if your opt-in is not performing as expected, then you need to change your strategy and redesign your lead magnet into one that will continuously attract your target readers to where you want them to go.


There is no perfect freebie that easily converts but there's a way to perfectly target your audience and make them grab your lead magnet. 

Taking time to understanding your audience is the key.

And in order to come up with the best freebie here are six simple steps to follows:

Step 1 - Understand Your Readers

By directly connecting to your readers via various social media channels, direct calls, through skype, emails and other means of interaction, you’d be able to get to know them more.  Remember that listening to their pains and issues is of utmost importance.  

Understandably, you will have members in your page or group that are simply just hanging around and not fully participating – ignore these types of readers. 

You have to focus on your target audience, deep dive into nurturing a relationship with them so you can easily match an opt-in offer that they clearly need. 

Simply put, there are questions that you need to send out to your audience through various means e.g. survey, poll, or direct questionnaires through email.

Sample questions are listed below:

  • What are their pain points?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • If they could have one wish to help them with their side hustling business, what would it be?
  • What’s keeping them from attaining success?

Step 2 - Search Where Your Readers Are

You may have the perfect pitch but do you know if you’re pitching to the right audience?

Too often, marketers create a product first then look for their audience next in the hope that there will be a perfect match. But more often than not this strategy could't convert readers to buyers.

What's important to note is to search for your readers and know their concerns. 

Normal reader hang-outs are as follows:

  • Quora
  • FB groups in your niche
  • Forums
  • Blog comments
  • Competitor’s website
  • Keyword research tools
  • Social media channels

Build relationship with your audience through these platforms and interact with them consistently to showcase your credibility in your niche. 

Step 3 - Listen To What Your Readers Are Saying

Now that you’re able to find where your customers are, it’s now time to listen to what they’re saying.

Be keen in what readers are saying in every channel. Create a list of their responses to issues that are being raised and the problems that your readers are experiencing.  Separate those in groups and then identify if the answers to the questions are close to your niche. Once you’ve tracked and record these issues, start brainstorming on the perfect freebie that can successfully convert your readers to buyers.

Step 4 - Craft the Perfect Freebie Idea

Once you are done in collecting and reviewing all the data that your sources,  it is now time to craft the perfect freebie.

From each category in Step no. 2, create a matching opt-in offer.  

Choose from the options below:

  • Ultimate Guide
  • Worksheet
  • Checklist
  • Free report
  • Email series
  • Mini course
  • Planner
  • Video tutorial

Always remember that there is a matching freebie for each type of audience. You must always think of your buyer persona when crafting and delivering your opt-in offer. 

For example, you don’t need to give a lengthy eBook that will take up much time of a busy mom with toddlers. You don’t give a worksheet to a yoga fanatic that wants immediate action.

When you create your opt-in offer you want to give it in such a way that it matches your audience. The format must always work best for them.

Step 5 - Design an Attractive Freebie 

There are a lot of ways where you can create a great freebie that your audience would be attracted to.

Here are tools that you can use to craft an amazing opt-in offer:

  • Google slide for tutorials
  • Powerpoint for infographics
  • Canva for worksheets
  • Picmonkey for guides
  • Excel for calendar templates
  • Google docs for PDF downloadable report
  • Google sheet for downloadable checklist

Step 6 – Making Your Freebie Visible

How do you make your freebie visible to attract your target audience?

Check out posting strategies below:

  • Post in Facebook groups related to your niche.
  • Create a landing page.
  • Placing it on your site banner.
  • Placing it on the header of your blogpost.
  • Putting it at the end of your blogpost.
  • Placing it on your side bar.
  • Placing it on your footer.
  • Sharing on Twitter.
  • Sharing on Instagram.
  •  Sharing on Pinterest.
  •  Sharing on Google+.
  •  Sharing on LinkedIn.
  •  Including the link on your blog comments.
  •  Request your friends to share it.
  •  Guest post and ask if you can include the link to your freebie.
  •  Placing the link inside your blogpost.
  •  Using FB Ads.


Your freebie must be visible literally everywhere.  If you have a website, make sure that you utilize this fully so you can showcase your freebie as a bait to attract your target audience.

A lot of time and effort is a must in order to have a successful opt-in that targets the right audience. You need to plan ahead and schedule your daily activity so you can make your freebies visible in all platforms where your readers hang out.  

If done properly you will have a continuous flow of traffic where your freebie is able to convert your audience from readers to buyers. 

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