sitting disease

The life of a blogger is truly stressful. Despite your best effort to finish everything on time, things just can't seem to happen the way we expect them to be.

We're all very busy individuals. Bloggers come from different backgrounds with various tasks and deadlines to beat.

And you're probably like one of these bloggers:

/John, a minimum salaried Accounting clerk is waiting for his ride home after his 9-5 job is done.   He's in a rush. After working out for an hour at the gym,  he'll spend some hours on his work table to write some articles for his website - he's into the personal fitness niche.

/There's Jenny, a single mom of 2 kids, aged 6 and 8 years old.  Stuck in traffic after picking up the children from school.  Tons of work ahead as she's working as an outsourced blogger. She however still needs to put the children to sleep before diving into her laptop to create a blog. She needs some quiet time to concentrate - she's into the parenting niche.

/Now here's Billy, a Management student that's been hooked to the idea of being a successful businessman someday.  His dream is to have his own physical restaurant but for now, he needs some cash.  So day after day after school, he goes to upwork, a site for freelancers, search for a writing job and works on 3 blogs as a content writer for a new client.

/And of course, there's cool daddy Jerry, a freelancer who owns an online shop. He already has a lot of customers. His site needs to be in tip-top shape to attract more clients. He plans to improve his site and will be spending 2-3 hours to do that - he owns a bicycle parts and accessories shop.

Whew!! Just thinking about every blogger's schedule these days makes me soooo tired.

Your story must be equal or probably even more chaotic and riotous than most of these bloggers mentioned above.


Bloggers are almost always pressed for time

It would be truly amazing for us if only we can just stash away all the time in the universe to finish all the blogs that we're supposed to write,

But hey! It's almost close to IMPOSSIBLE.

This sedentary lifestyle that we chose is a kind of job where we have to sit for prolonged periods of time; lazily spending more time in our table or desk day in and day out.  We don't recognize this problem sans the back pains and leg cramps that we experience at times not knowing that this is what medical authorities now tagged as the "sitting disease."

| A blogger's work can somehow take its toll on the body

IS THIS REAL? Very real...

And as more and more people are replacing office jobs for a work-at-home lifestyle, more and more people are now being closer to having this disease that is now being linked to a higher risk of heart disease, the risk of cancer, cancer-related deaths, heart disease-related deaths, and diabetes.

Very true indeed!

And we, bloggers need to take action before it's too late...

Here are ways to avoid your desk-bound time at home or in the office during your blogging hours:

1.  Stand

In the office:

There's no better way to say it but standing is one of the easiest ways to battle this disease. You burn 30-50% calories by standing than by sitting.

You don't have to spend a lot of movements or even do jumping jacks in your office area to avoid this disease. It is enough to block your metabolism from going into hibernation.

So give yourself a little break and just stand.

At home

Take time to stand after 25-30 minutes of blogging, You'll have more breathing space at home so there should be no excuse for you not to stand.

Yawn, if you may. Stretch if you will.


2.  Set a reminder

It takes discipline for you to look after your own wellness, every once in a while tap your back and tell yourself, "it's time for your short break, get up and rest."

I suggest that you set an alarm - a phone or your computer to push you to take this healthy option as you blog daily.

What's best?

Learn the Pomodoro technique developed by Francisco of Work Smarter, Not Harder.

This technique is simple. Use a timer, then work without any distraction. Train your brain to work in chunks for better concentration and better work results.

In summary, set yourself into a system where you need to stand for a couple of minutes, stretch your arms and legs, stand and walk. Consider it like a commercial break, even TV shows have to get a break somehow.

At your own set time, give yourself an opportunity to interrupt these long periods of sitting. It's good for your body and it will definitely be good for your blog.

3.  Check the period of time you spend sitting, then reduce.

How long have you been sitting?

Does your back ache? Are you experiencing leg cramps?

If so, it's about time that you challenge yourself to change your behavior

An expert said that as we monitor sitting times, we become conscious about it and starts thinking — once we start counting and found out the result, we’re more likely to change our behavior.

This is also why BP devices, sugar monitoring system and pulse rate trackers were made. This is to get results and be wary about the numbers, in essence, it helps in setting attainable goals, even if it's just two or three minutes of activity every after 20-25 minutes.

We don't actually realize it but the cool thing is that these little simple things if we count the energy burn, they add up to a lot of calorie burn every day, which in the end sums up to optimum work results and eventually our own human survival.

Reward yourself with the best work chair for your long hours of blogging tasks, but get some time out of it to avoid the sitting disease.

Happy blogging!

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