As a blogger, you should have your own goal apart from all the other bloggers on the internet whether  newbie or a rockstar.

All these things that are happening around you will either hamper your productivity or push you to the limit.  There's always a new and better blogger that will pop up on your computer screen. And lo and behold! you're stalking you will stalk this blogger to no end and become a part of a huge email list. Well, we all started that way.

But as a hopeful entrepreneur, tarrying will get you nowhere because the ultimate goal is to launch your business as soon as you type the next word on your first blog. 

Exactly my point!

You just have to get going and launch your blog the soonest possible time. BIG ACTION huh!


Get your a$% moving and take action.  Bear these 10 simple steps in mind and don't falter. Take one step at a time and you'll see results happen just like magic!

Get going!

1.  Establish a Blog. 

In order to promote your brand, you need to start a blog that would herald who you are and what your vision is.

2. Write a long-form and valuable content.

Gone are the days when lengthy blogs are a “no-no”. Readers these days know what they want and are always on the lookout for blog contents that provide value and solution to their pains.

3. Look for a targeted Niche.

You cannot be a jack of all trades but master of none. To be a rock star in the internet marketing world, you need to go for a niche that solves people’s problems and drill it down to a sub-niche by using the 5 Why method.

4. Focus on your readers’ pain points.

In every blog that you will create, you have to link it to a pain that your readers are trying to cure or find solution to.  Touch on their sensitivity in order to get them to stick it out with you.

5. Start your masterclass or training that helps people.

If you help people through your blog, they will start to spread happiness and will definitely start sharing your products and services.

9. Connect with other influencers in your Niche.

Look for people that you admire and find out more about what they’re doing. Focus on those   information that is the same as yours.  Start asking questions and connect with them through their social media accounts or by sending them an email request.

10. Don’t be Shy.

Get your face and your brand out in the open. Do this in your chosen social media channel.  Make sure that this is where your readers dwell.  Put your name and your links to communities that has your niche.  If there’s an opportunity, get yourself interviewed about your blog.

These 10 simple but tricky steps are all you need to start your own profitable blog. You may can't ignore any of these steps because is your ultimate roadmap to your blogging success. 

Happy blogging!