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Discover 4 Quick Tips On How To Identify Why Your Blog Or Site Is At A Dead End [And What To Do About it]

Do you need a beautiful blog or site to succeed as a homepreneur?

We all know that it's not a pre-requsite for any blog or site to be so pristine and without an error or fault. Even famous influencers believe that it's not. However, it's a must that your blog and site complement each other and connect with each other perfectly.

For a website to matter, aesthetics is the key while blog takes the form and function of the whole platform in order for your voice to be heard across your target audience.

But truly, most bloggers are faced with the dilemna of wondering what's wrong with their site or blog and why isn't their site getting the traffic at all. 

Now, here are quick tips on how you can identify why your blog or site is on a dead end.

Quick Tip #1: Avoid contradiction

Your site's content whether it's the content of the landing page or the blog itself must show agreement and unity in all aspects.  

Your audience will always depend their perception on the pictures and headlines on your site and,  if your photos captivate them  then they will automatically read your content. This cycle will go on and on so you must keep a very good strategy in terms of a presenting a very direct to the point idea on your headline, photo and content. These three are the basic ingredient that will definitely draw traffic to your site and will help grow your home business.  

Quick Tip #2: Information Overload

Have you experienced having to process tons and tons of information but never really understanding what you are processing.  

Well it happens all the time especially in this day and age when there's too much information with just a click of a button. 

But surely your audience don't deserve such treatment and so when visitors on your site can't find the content that they're looking for they'll surely leave without batting an eyelash. This is one of the reasons why you don't need a boring and dragging long form type of content. It takes a little tweak here and there to make the information on your blog or site work for you.

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Absorption of knowlege must be done in moderation otherwise, it can severely affect your mental and physical well-being. Work smarter. Not harder

Quick Tip #3: Navigation malfunction

A bad website design that may not be attractive to your readers does not always involve flashy elements and bad images. 

Sometimes it's the lack of user-friendly navigation that will make them leave your site.

Don't let your readers wonder where to go, but rather hold them by the hand as they go from page to page; post to post. If you can do that, then your on the right track.

Quick Tip #4: Animate with a purpose

You can be overwhelmed by pretty animations on your site. Great example would be animated loading wait time or checkout delays. Yea,  this is truly awesome. But never overdo things. Just animate with a purpose. 

Remember that users come to your site wanting to get what they want for just a short time. With lengthy animation lasting for 3.5-5 seconds is a lot of time. Do not detain your audience by showcasing your grand presentation of zest and energy.

At the end of the day, user experience is still your ultimate goal.

So keep these 4 principles in mind and start redesigning your website.  Keep your audience your priority.

Your site must not be all about you.

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