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Choose The Right Blog Categories That Will Attract The Right Audience

Your effort in writing blogposts and reconstructing your website will mean nothing if your audience can't find what you've written about.

Ok fellas! 

Sure, all of your contents and articles are there on your site.  You did a lot of research and put your time and effort to come up with tons of worthy content that gives value to your readers. 

But, can your audience find the articles that they're looking for without going in and around your website?

Well, that’s another story.


I would like to reiterate that your readers are on your site and reading blogs to find answers to their pain points or issues. If they find your site in chaos, it will only take them 6 seconds to bail out of your site.  Your audience doesn't need to look for an article like a needle in a haystack. A tangled mess of a content will mean loss of readers in a flash. And you don't want that to happen.

Now how do you solve this problem.

Don't panic!

By categorizing your blogposts and having your articles sorted out will do the trick. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

Why are blog categories important?

Customers who come to your site for the first time are likely to use your categories to navigate to blogposts that they’re looking for. I have seen some category names that are hard to undestand. And navigating through multiple pages of hard to understand posts are often a pain for readers.

They State Your Focus Nice

Naming a category is really quite simple—they’re the simplified roadmap to your niche. Although it covers different topics, they are all about your theme and all the articles that you want to talk about on your blogpost - only in an organized format. 

A very clear example is from this blog that spreads out her collection of blogposts through various categories. 

blog categories

By using a category on your site, it instantly shares what you're writing about, as well as showing what you're not going to write about. 

For my blog, I use a dropdown style in the presentation of my blogpost categories. See example below:

category dropdown

Advantages Of Organizing Your Website Using Categories:

1. A Good User Experience For Your Audience.

Most customers are searching for a site or blogpost that offers a specific type of content. Probably you've experienced it yourself when you would chance upon the perfect site that can help solve your pain points. 

Your blog categories will immediately let your readers know that they're in the right place as they try to get the information that they're looking for. And the easier it is for your users to find it, the better for you. 

Always remember to consider your readers when crafting articles for your blog, you’re not doing it just for you. You’re doing it for your readers.

It’s important that you consider exactly what they want before deciding on the categories that you will use in your blog. .

2. Your Blog Becomes More User-Friendly

So, you've captured your readers' attention. Good job! Now, they're clamoring for more related content. Your categories could help them find their way to the next article as they continue to scroll to the page where all the articles are categorized. 

It’s for this exact reason that blog categories exist. They group your similar content together, making it easier for your audience to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Now, both your side hustle if managed well will grow together with your customers , and you definitely want your blog to stay flexible enough to grow along with them. With this purpose, you must be ready to plan ahead if and when changes may be needed. 

3. Helpful To You As A Blogger

Using category to your blog is very helpful to your audience as they navigate inside your site looking for the right contet. But this is not only helpful to your readers, it can also be very helpful to you as a blogger because these categories will serve as your guide in your future posts. 


Create at least five or six main categories as you start to grow your blog. Keep it specific and not broad. Keep tweaking and adjusting your category based on your customer's need. 

With continuos research and analysis on your customer persona, you can definitely create strategic blog categories that is targetted and could eventually drive traffic to your site. 

Melanie Ramos

A working MOM that's hoping to fund a dream. Found the courage to build a profitable side hustle and wishes to share her skills with passionate side hustlers like her. Coffee addict. Workaholic. Blogger. Marketer & Mentor.