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Can’t Create The Perfect Opt-in Idea? Here Are The 7 Elements That You Need

A "squeeze page" as it was originally called was used to collect emails so a select few can see the actual sales letter

Now, just like it's specific purpose before, an opt-in page (to marketers of today) is used to start building your mailing list.  And because your list is the most important asset of your business, an opt-in page really plays an important role in selling your products and services 

But there's on teeny weeny bit of a problem...

What opt-in page should you craft so your readers would open and read your sales letter or page?

Think bribe...

These days, certain types of words simply couldn't take the cut.  Some boring titles, free reports and all those stuffs are too common for your readers' eyes. 

So what exactly does an excellent opt-in offer look like? Read on to find out...

7 Vital Rules To An Excellent Opt-In Page

An opt-in incentive, an offer, a bribe, a lead magnet are one and the same. It's something that can attract your visitor to click on your sign-up button.

An effective opt-in offer can be presented in various ways, but these ten rules always apply:

1. It Must Give a Solution To The Customer's Problem!

Your intention must be clear in order for your opt-in to be effective.

Your readers visit your blog or site because they're looking for something.  In fact, they're trying to look for a particular solution - always looking to alleviate the pain that they're currently experiencing. 

Your bribe, in whatever niche you're in must always be a sweet taste of article that your audience will find within six seconds inside your website. 


If you have a targetted audience, your opt-in should equally be to the point. A common error is that your opt-in is trying to resolve a very broad spectrum of a problem.

2. Who Is The Recepient Of Your Opt-in?

This is actually very crucial in the creation of your opt-in. Most often than not, you are very excited to create your opt-in without really knowing who your target audience is. 

What type of people do you want on your email list?

/their age



/status in life


Without you knowing what should comprise your email list, you can't create the perfect opt-in that will attract the right audience no matter how awesome your lead magnet is. 

Therefore, much like in gift giving, you must think of what the receiver wants more than what you want to give.

This is the only way that you would know what perfect gift would make the receipient happy and content . 

3. It Must Be Easily Digestible

You'll never know what would satisfy your audience when it comes to the perfect opt-in idea.

A freebie is always a welcome treat for as along as the author did not create it blindly. 

A worksheet, guide, case study, video, infographics and so much more are all freebie options.

One or two pages, sometimes three or four.  Does it matter? For audio,  a 10 minute recording that's full of value or an hour long audio file that speaks of great tips and strategies - you couldn't second guess what would appeal to your audience these days.

They say, bigger is not better. But I guess, the lenght could sometimes be negotiable for as long as the opt-in idea is specific to the audience and it gives valuable information that the audience could easily apply to their business, then what else matters?


/simplify your words

/refer to links that are not difficult to understand

/make bite sized call-to-action that's easily digestible

/consider newbies that might drop by and be attracted to your opt-ins.

/be mindful of your reader's skill set. 

A chunk full of value is always appreciated. 

4. What do you want your audience to do?

Given the fact that you know who your audience is, you're also aware that they can only do two things. 

Click or leave. 

Therefore, even before you start creating your freebie or lead magnet, try looking your audience in the eye.  

Will they salivate upon seeing your opt-in offer enough to click the button or will they shun the idea away and leave?

Stick to your goal - to make people click your sign up button. 

One idea = one action. That would be enough.

Every word and design on your opt-in offer must be geared towards that one button that you want your audience to push, otherwise you will lose everything. 

5. The details of the opt-in offer must equal the content.

You know what's  frustrating to your audience? The discrepancy between the offer and the actual content. 

How many times have I seen opt-in pages with awesome design that when you actually get into the actual content - nada, garbage, junk.

When that happens, that will be the end of your relationship.. 

It is worth noting that your visitors land into your website with the intention to get answers.  And if you have a truly amazing landing page for your opt-in offer, you will definitely get your customer's attention. 

Think about how you're able to bring your audience to your website, view your pages, read your blogs, click on your subsribe button only to waste time when suddenly your bribe becomes so disconnected and far from their expectation. 

Truly disappointing. 

Consistency is the key.  Every aspect in your customer's journey from start to finish must be seamless and interconnected. 

6. The basics of an opt-in offer.

Here are the basic content your opt-in offer must have:

/headline: craft your killer headline using a headline generator tool. 

/value: what's in it for your readers.

/call to action: the click button is your ultimate goal.

/opt-in form: only with superb coordination of all it's elements can you truly convince your audience to sign-up.

7. Think harder.

You will come face to face with "freebie-grabbers" in yout time as an online marketer. 

Whatever you have, these types of trolls will devour your free report, audio, workshet, infographics and then just leave and unsubscribe. 

Come to think of it, there must be something wrong with the bait.

Think harder and dig deeper into what could sustain your relationship with your audience even after the opt-in have been taken. 


Keep your customers subscribed and wanting for more.  Entice them with a message at the end of your freebie that more are coming their way. 

Key Takeaway:

Freebies are all part of a successful list building strategy.  But you don' need to get stuck with what's already out in the market. Think harder and be creative.

In summary, you need these 4 basic rules: 

/Always start with the end in mind. 

/Be consistent.

/Provide great value.

/Leave them wanting for more.

Now that you have these 7 elements of a perfect opt-in, keep this in mind and start growing your list. 


Melanie Ramos

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