I am a MOM to 4 Millenials

Time truly fleets so fast. I can't even believe that I have been a CERTIFIED MOM for quite some time now.  

Masters of Mommyness

Advanced Motherhood 

NutritionMillenialMom Certified

I Know I Have An Option 

I'm already in my 50's and I realized that this is when I'm already way past my prime and coming closer to a timeworn phase of my existence. 

And then, I resisted by choice

Do I want to be a retired, inactive & sick fat lady in my 60's? Or do I want to be an active, vivacious and profitable lady kicking butts online even after I retire?

I got lured into the internet marketing world and realized that I have tons of  HOME BUSINESS HUSTLES that I could start by simply developing my SITE and blog.

Hi, I'm Mel the author behind PINOY SIDE HUSTLE PLUS
www. melanieramosonline.com


The author is a mother to 4 very opinionated millennials. This is considered to be such a tough feat especially these days when learnings in the family  come from both ways - parents teaching kids and kids teaching their parents.  Most days, her children are educating her on things that are "millennially" impossible to grasp. There were times she just wants to shout in protest, "I'm the mom, right?." But other times, she just stops and listens. 

A Speaker & Trainer

This harworking mom has a regular job in a retail and distribution company as its Operations Manager. Her task allows her to travel and visit other parts of the country to share her knowledge and skills to their staff. Apart from her regular job, she is also fond of empowering the youth and sidelines as a speaker as she tackles various issues that she's passionate about.  This 50+ mom is also in training, recruitment and HR management. The ultimate dream... to have financial freedom so she can finance her children's dreams and enjoy a simple life with her family. 

A Mentor With A Heart

Visit his youtube channel #tripeds

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than y​ou see in yourself, and helps bring it out of yo​u.

From Zero Income to a Hardcore 9-5 Desk Employee to an Online Entrepreneur  

------ Not An Easy Route To Take -------

The ball didn't roll easy from where she's been to where she's at right now. In the early 2000, their family hit rock bottom when their leather shoe manufacturing business, their family's only source of income, closed shop after 7 years in the industry. The influx of cheap China-made products dominated the market and production slowly took a downtrend until they can  no longer compete. Shocked and unprepared there's nothing they can do but to sell everything just to pay their debts, thrive and survive. With 4 little children in tow and seeing all of their properties go down the drain, it seemed like there's no more hope for tomorrow. But after three long years of denial and disbelief, the author slowly got back up. With faith, determination and courage she was able to withstand those hard times and has since enjoyed life's simple pleasures. Now, she has redesigned their future and is more than ready to EXPERIENCE THE BEST TIMES of their lives.     

Now you're here!  This is not an accident.

I know you have your own WHYs and I want you to gain your momentum just like I have gained mine. I will show you how you can share your mind to other people with the mindset of having a PASSION and the perfect BLOG.
I will help you grow as a champion BLOGGER so you can thrive and succeed in your OWN SIDE HUSTLE.
So, if you're excited to catch your own freedom, START BLOGGING. Worried that you don't know the technicalities of starting an online business, don't fret! Leave all the technicalities to the GURU. 

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There are a lot of blog posts on this site that can help you with your online journey. 

It's really hard to hop from one site to another looking for answers.

I can't promise you a rich-quick scheme. But with your hardwork and dedication, I can promise you that I will always be here to hold your hand and guide your in your journey. 

I would love to hear from you, too. Just TALK TO ME so I can help you better. 

There are no new ideas in this type of industry that haven't been explored yet but my strategies for my SIDE HUSTLING success is a proven recipe that can ease your worry and help you succeed slowly but surely. 

melanie ramos

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