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7 Productive Things You Can Do on a Long Weekend

Long weekends are quite common in the Philippines. In fact, this year alone, there are 10 declared long weekends. You're probably one to take advantage, especially if you love traveling and making plans with friends. However, when you're on a financial rut, you're probably one of those who choose to stay at home and laze around. Whatever you plan to do this coming long weekend, make sure that you find time for yourself and your family and friends. Make it worthwhile, even if you decide to stay in. If you don't have any plans, here are things we suggest you try doing.

1. Discover your local area

Itching to go out but discouraged by the weather? Go around your village or city instead. Discover new things in your area--restaurants, parks, buildings, and talked-about hangouts. You can also go on a nostalgia trip and revisit old favorite spots. If you're walking or commuting, make sure to bring an umbrella. If you're driving, ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition. Safety first!

2. Earn extra cash

Productive Things to Do on Long Weekends | MoneyMax.phIf you're a freelancer, an extra day will give you more time to work on tasks and special projects. Take advantage of this and be more productive in terms of your income channels. Don't stress yourself that much, though. Remember that you're doing this just for the extra cash. *wink*

3. Exercise

We know that you plan to stay in bed all day and browse cute pet photos on Instagram. It's nice but we advice that you don't. Check on your physical and mental health, and find time to exercies. Burning out those calories will not only make you feel good about yourself but will also give you a mental break.

4. Do that thing you’ve been meaning to do

Productive Things to Do on Long Weekends | MoneyMax.phWhatever it is, do it. Have you been planning to learn knitting? Or read that book you've bought months ago? Don't procrastinate. You have three days to finish whatever that thing is. This is your chance!

6. Redecorate, rebuild, re-transform

Change living room curtains, conduct a general cleaning, or a change in your interiors. Make the extra day a chance for a significant change that will be valuable to you, your family and your place. Make this a fun activity than an extra chore by doing it with your loved ones.

 7. Meet up with old friends

Productive Things to Do on Long Weekends | MoneyMax.phWe're all guilty about missing reunions, birthday dinners, and random hangouts with friends. This long weekend, find time to meet up with them. A short catch-up won't cost you that much and won't even take much of your time. Your friends will love you more for that. What you prefer will, of course, depend on your personality and priorities in your life. Whatever it is that interests you at the moment, the common denominator among all of us is that we have the same amount of time, so it depends on how will we use it. Happy productive, long weekend! 
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