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6 Important Must-Know For A Side Hustler Like You

Good to know that you already have your plan set for the day.

But wait! Are you really ready to face your full day of side hustling?

No worries.

By sticking to these 6 important things as you do your daily grind,  you'd be able to accomplish more than what you hoped to do. 

Check out the list:

1. Always start your day with a plan 

The first thing to do as a home business owner is to begin the day by allocating time to the first three important tasks that you want to complete that day. It's always good to focus on the more important things in life and avoid getting overwhelmed with everything all at the same time. 

2. Take your home business seriously

The fundamental reality of a home business is that you are the CEO of your company even if that's a kitchen corner side hustle, a garage workspace, a table top company or a small nook anywhere at home. Fact is, this is a global trend that's not slowing down. Therefore, taking this work seriously will help you navigate your way to side-hustling success.

3. Minimize Distractions 

As a home business owner, your time is the most precious thing in the world. Any incident that might cause you to divert from the fulfillment of your important goals for the day may put you in deep trouble. Start by turning off notifications on your PC or laptop. If you're not that disciplined use a website blocker such as Self Control,  or StayFocusd to prevent you visiting time other websites when you should be focusing in finishing your own.

4. Focus on getting things done 

Avoid the habit of going back and forth or dipping in and out of a particular task. If a task can be done in a couple of minutes, then do it straight away. If it requires more thought and research then schedule some time for this lengthy activity and put it in your calendar. If you can finish the day with a tick on your checklist so much the better.

5. Keep you and your business healthy

You probably think that you've avoided the traffic and stress of your 9-5 job. But don't you know that home business is equally tiring? Based on studies 42% of employees who can work from home are more stressed than 25% of those who go to an office. In addition to that, most homebased workers can't properly sleep at night. This is because home business owners tend to maximize all their time to their jobs not thinking that it's going to affect their health tremendously. As a result, the business will suffer as well. For homepreneurs, the thin line between rest and work is most often blurred. So work smarter, not harder.

6. Continually improve yourself

Invest in honing your skills and in improving yourself. In this day and age a home business owner must always be on the lookout for trainings and seminars, and join groups and organizations that will allow you to network and be updated with the latest trends in your line of business.

Do you research, find new methods and processes and emulate successful entrepreneurs in your field so you can share this with your audience. This is the only way that you can make yourself competitive with other people in your industry.

Stay healthy while you side hustle. 

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Melanie Ramos

A working MOM that's hoping to fund a dream. Found the courage to build a profitable side hustle and wishes to share her skills with passionate side hustlers like her. Coffee addict. Workaholic. Blogger. Marketer & Mentor.