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10 Proven Tips To Follow In Launching A Profitable Blog


New blogger? Well, I'm pretty much just like you. 

My knees were shaking when I first launched my blog. I was an amateur back then and my blog was purely musings of my life. 

Maybe noone would be interested, I thought. I really find it hard to believe that anyone in the blogging world would ever care to listen - but miracle of all miracles they did and they still do. 

Interested in what stories I have shared so far? Then visit my amateur blog page.

So where were we? Ok. My name is Melanie, you can call me Mel. I'm a late bloomer, read: discovered that blogging can be a full time business just recently, sigh. 

I believe that you also have a great idea to share, a skill to teach and a wisdom to impart. And of course, you're very interested to have readers that could benefit from all the things that you know. 

Let me tell you this, you need not imitate what other bloggers are doing but the key is to study what successful bloggers do. As Tony Robbins says, “success leaves clues.” Therefore, you're able to discover some powerful insights from the minds of these successful bloggers and how they were able to make their millions by blogging. 


You have work to do. As a new blogger, you have to do some researching on the topics that you need to write about.

Gone are the days when long tail blog posts are unpopular. Now,  you have to go the extra mile to make your blogging more effective. 

2. Get Nich​e Quick

Before you even start your blog, make sure that you're willing to spend a number of sleepless nights in order to give some well researched and well presented blog posts to your readers. 

You have to pump up your inner conviction in order to set-up your blog and be profitable doing it. 


Blogging is a such a huge opportunity for you so your voice can be heard. However, this is not a one size fits all kind of thing. 

Blogging has many factors that you need to put together in order for you to be successful. Therefore you have to make the right decision and organize the things that are important for your success. 

4.  DreamHos​

Be ready to put you strenght all together. Not only that, your time is of utmost important if you want to grow your blog into a real business. 

It's really about time aside from the fact that organization and strategic planning will play a very important part in getting things done at the right time. 

5. Buffer

You need to focus on your audience to get traffic to your blog.  Sometimes numbers will play second to the impact that you can build with your audience.

It doesn't matter if you only have a few on your list for as long as you are able to build a deep relationship wi'th them - that's the most important thing.  

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